Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom?
We do have a very small space dedicated to some of our most popular lines and we are here Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm, the rest of the online products are in boxes in the warehouse

Our prices are so competitive we are a online business with no sales people to pay but we are happy for you to pop along and see a small selection of what we have to offer

Do you have the item in stock?
90% is here but we have three warehouses so best to check before you travel once you have paid

Where can I find dimensions and technical information for a product?
We do try and put as much information on as we can, check the item specifics on the listings as we have more information there as well and if you can’t find what you need please send a message through EBay contact system and on of our customer services team will do their best to provide what you require.

Do you offer discounts?
We usually have a voucher code but our prices which all include vat

Can I order and pay over the phone?
No we take all sales through the Website as this protects you and your security with reference to card payments

Warranty and guarantees?
All products sold are subject to you statuary rights and guarantees are covered by the manufactures and partners, in the first instance please send us a message through the contact  message system.
Items excluded from the guarantee include
LED Shower heads, the LED light mechanism including bulbs
Bulbs in Mirrors
Electric Showers
Shower Pumps
Tap and Shower Cartridges
Shower Hoses
Toilet Seats
Cistern Fittings
Hinges on bathroom furniture

How long will my delivery take?
For large orders the delivery takes 3-5 days and we always call and email the next day and book in a suitable day for you, we even do this if you have paid express shipping so we can sort a suitable day for delivery. Large items are delivered curbside on a pallet and the pallet is part of the packaging.

I live on a small street, how will my Bathroom Suite arrive?
All our large items or “palatalised items” such as Bathroom Suites and Shower enclosures will arrive with a haulage firm. They will always attempt to deliver in a vehicle no bigger than 18 tonnes (about the size of a bin lorry). If this is still too big, please let us know in advance and we will arrange for a smaller vehicle for your delivery. Unfortunately, our couriers are not insured to enter your property and therefore will deliver your new bathroom as close to your property as possible, for this reason we ask that you have someone at hand to help receive the goods on your specified day.

I have sent in an email, how long should it take to receive a reply?
We do try to answer all emails the same day, Monday to Friday but on occasions may take 48 hours to reply so please bear with us and bear in mind we are working behind the scenes on your email and we will reply.

Do I need straight or angled valves for my towel rail?
The type of valve you will require depends on the installation of your towel rail. If your pipework is coming up from the ground, then generally straight radiator valves are used. Whereas if your pipework is coming from the wall at an angle, angled valves would be used. You will need to check the style of radiator to ensure this rule applies.

Are your baths drilled for tap holes?
Most baths are supplied undrilled, this is something installers have been used to for at least20 years and instructions can be found on social media sites like YOU TUBE if you need help, the reason is some customers want wall taps or a single mono bath filler or freestanding taps
When the baths are predrilled we clearly put this on the listing.

What type of waste do I require for my basin?
Basin wastes come either ‘slotted’ (for use with basins with an overflow hole), or ‘unslotted’ (for basins with no overflow)

Why are your products such good value?
We buy and source direct and stock in huge volumes and have an ethos that everyone deserves good design at a great price.

I’ve bought several items; will they arrive at the same time?
In most cases all items will arrive at the same time, unless you’ve ordered smaller items like radiators, towel rails and shower pumps – these will be delivered to you separately. If for any reason an item on your order is out of stock then your order will be sent all together when the item is available but we always give you the information.

What Is The Difference Between a Left & Right Hand Shower Bath?
The term “left hand shower bath” means that the shower system will be installed on the left hand side of the bath, meaning the widest part of the bath is on the left hand side (where you stand whilst showering).. Hopefully without confusion a left hand bath is like a number 9 and a right hand bath is like the letter P

How Big Is The Gap Between The Two Tap Holes On Your Bath Fillers?
All of our bath fillers and bath shower mixers are UK standard size, meaning you won’t have any trouble buying a bath filler that fits.

Are Wall Hung Toilets Safe?

I don’t fancy sitting on the loo which is off the ground.
Yes. The wall hung toilet is supported either on very robust brackets which are fixed to the floor behind a wall. Or they are supported on well-engineered frames, again behind a wall or inside furniture. Both systems are tested by weight loading at loads well above the average human weight.

What Thickness are your Baths?

To clear up this common misconception, here’s an explanation of what happens in the making of your new bath.

Firstly, it is important to understand that when measuring the thickness of a bath, you should not measure the base. On any vacuum-formed product, like a bath, the base will always be thinner than the top rim. Like blowing up a balloon, the more air you introduce the thinner the rubber will become.

  1. A piece of acrylic (5mm )is placed in a hot oven for a period of time so it becomes soft and malleable.
  2. When removed from the oven it is clamped on to a frame and an aluminium bath tool is pushed up into it so the acrylic stretches. As the acrylic is pushed the edges become thinner and it is only the section that remains clamped to the frame that remain 5mm in thickness. This section will eventually be the trimmed edge of the bath, i.e. where your panel will meet the bath edge
  3.  A vacuum pump is then turned on and the air is sucked out of the aluminium tool causing the soft acrylic to be drawn down in the bath shape, and gradually become thinner as it is pulled into the base.
  4. Once the acrylic sheet has cooled and stiffened the vacuum is turned off and the clamping frame removed.
  5.  The bath will later need to be reinforced so that it is suitable for its intended purpose.

So, the important points to remember from this process are:• The acrylic remains 5mm where it has been clamped, although it will be trimmed slightly to 4 – 4.5mm before packing• The acrylic is thinner in the section that has been lifted• The acrylic is gradually thinner as it is pulled down into the base – the deeper the bath the thinner the base and sides will be

Now you know the facts, identifying a 5mm will be relatively easy. Remember, you cannot measure a bath by the depth of its plughole or the thickness of its sides or base.